Replacing Your Lenses For Half The Price

As an online optical, a lot of people tend to limit your abilities. But we are full service (barring the contact service we have yet to introduce) - but replacing your lenses for new frames, or old frames that you love, or semi-young but kinda old frames that you just CANNOT get rid of is okay too. We can replace the lenses on any frame. 

Going onto two years as an actual company (WOOOO)! We have been as resourceful as possible, in sourcing the proper materials for our eyewear, and our lenses. We have made a commitment into exposing the typically unhealthy margins in optical, and making it okay for people to look "baller" on a budget. It's cool to spend less than $100 and still have an amazing pair of glasses... TRUST. 

Yeah you saw it right. Replacement lenses starting at only $59... And Multi-Focal Prescription Lenses starting at $129. IT'S MADNESS. 




March 06, 2020 — Alen Kaminsky