As a means of interacting with our growing family - we have decided to make a weekly blog! We will discuss the everyday life of an optician, things you need to get a pair of glasses, ideas that may help you find a pair of glasses with us - and many other interesting things that we feel the need to share with you! 

The idea behind Specsbylux.com is more than just an online optical - our goal is to grow into a community that is uber inclusive, so that this isn't a client-seller relationship, but more of a familial, community based setting. Because we would hate to be the run of the mill corporate, bland, and boring online optical - we want to be fun, progressive, and we want everyone to be apart of it!!!

To do so, simply join our mailing list! When you enter our site you may already receive a prompt to do so with our subscriber list pop up (that also gives you 40% off your first order, so definitely take advantage!), but if not our mailing list sign up is at the bottom of the page. And we will be sure to provide weekly content for you to 'wow' and 'ooo' at - so stay tuned! 

December 27, 2018 — Alen Kaminsky