Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, NYPD, FDNY, MTA. All regular everyday people.
But COVID-19 made us all realize they are all extraordinary, doing heroic things every day.

SpecsByLux, knows quite a few of these heroes, and, like
many others, wanted to do something to show our love for these incredible

How Can We Do This?!

Tell your friends! Take photos in your new glasses, and most importantly
post them to your social media to spread the word. We want to help, and this is a great way to start!



What SpecsByLux is Doing:

Our goal is to give away 500 pairs by the end of June. We would love to blow this number away!!!

How Can You Help?

Tag your post with #Specs4Heroes

We want to show these extraordinary heroes walking among us how much
they mean to us and how much we appreciate all they do.

Lets Do This!!!

#Specs4Heroes starts now!!!

Some Of Our Heroes:


Ahmed S. In Yershov
"Something I could never forget. Seeing 5-6 people dying everyday, people going from 'normal' and talking, to being completely dependent to a ventilator. This is something that has shaped my views forever. I wish I got to help everyone."
Andrea R. In Yershov
RN at Mount Sinai
 *Quote about COVID-19 experience coming soon*
frontline nurse
Ruslan A. In Ye-Ponya
RN at Mount Sinai
"Thank you for everyone's efforts, and thank you to everyone that stayed home while we worked tirelessly to keep COVID-19 contained. I've never seen so many people struggling for air, and going from stable to critical so quickly. I'm happy it's dying down, but the efforts should not end either."