Keep Your Favorite Frames!

As a full service optical we offer the finest lenses, at the best prices online. We have re-lensed and re-done thousands of pairs of glasses and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. From designer glasses, to old vintage pairs, we're careful the whole way through. With FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING BOTH WAYS


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Replacing Your Lenses For Half The Price

We have made a commitment into exposing the typically unhealthy margins in optical, and making it okay for people to look "baller" on a budget. It's cool to spend less than $100 and still have an amazing pair of glasses... TRUST. 

marzo 06, 2020

Don't Get Scammed By Blue-Light!

Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Blue Light Glasses!
enero 14, 2020

Luxureyes and The Himalayan Cataract Project

As a company founded during one of the most progressive era’s on earth – we always intend to move the right way, whether it include quality in our equipment, or our lenses, frames, etc. We intend to be a premier philanthropic company on top of that. If you notice some of our frames may hold asterisks (**) beside their descriptions. This means that a percentage of the proceeds of the frame sale will go to the ‘Himalayan Cataract Project.’
enero 09, 2019