How do you guys have such low prices?

- Sourcing our lenses locally, and working with our personal Lab in Brooklyn, New York helps us maintain affordable prices. As many people are discovering - the eyewear industry has a historically high mark-up rate for most products. As progressive thinkers, we look to move past overpaying for stylish eyewear. So we look to source our products directly from various manufacturers internationally, and as we do that - we try to be as unique as possible. 

Do you guys have an in person location?

- Well... Yes, and No. We have plans to be in a more full-time setting come May 2020 (We are currently on pause with these plans due to COVID-19), but as of now we do pop-up shops throughout NYC from time to time. 

What if my glasses don't fit me?

- Picking glasses can be a difficult process - picking them online can be even harder... But have no fear! With our 14 Day Style & Fit Guarantee - you're able to receive your glasses, and try them out for 14 days - if you don't like them, ship 'em back at no cost! Then pick out a new pair, or receive a refund. 

Are you guys legit?

- Well, we think we're too legit too quit (and corny apparently). But to receive more insight on this just visit our Facebook page (@Luxureyes) or our Instagram (on the bottom of our home page). Check out our happy customers!

I don't know my PD, what can I do?

- Well we are currently working on making an instructional PD measurement video, but in the meantime - you can simply send us a selfie, and we will get your PD measurement from there!

I wear a progressive (multi-focal), can I still order from you guys?

- Absolutely! We currently have two house options for progressive lenses. One is a fairly standard progressive lens, that has a slightly higher area of peripheral distortion than our premium model. Either way these are High-Definition based lenses, with high quality manufacturing - so you will love them either way, we know we do! 

Do I have to send any additional information for my progressive (multi-focal) lens?

- Yes, after your progressive lens order you will be contacted by a member of our team for additional questions on your measurements. You will most likely be asked for a selfie, and the measurement will be taken from that. We sure do love selfies!

Why are your lenses better?

Well for one, the amount of savings you get per pair make them desirable initially - but that's a common online cliché. We go beyond for every order, making sure you have the ideal optical center for every prescription lens we surface (create). We go through a meticulous process for every order, and that will include yours :-)

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at - or simply tap/click on our Chat bar on the bottom right of our page. 

Can I place an order over the phone?

Absolutely! Give us a call at +1(855)-249-9393, and one of our opticians will be more than happy to assist you.

I don't know my PD, can I still order glasses?

Yes! When placing your order, just leave the section for PD blank, and one of our trusted opticians will happily reach out to you, and obtain your measurements through our in-house system.